Master Keyed Locks

If you wish to have complete control of a building or many separate properties then our best advice would be Master Keyed Cylinders.

Master keyed options to choose from…


One of the most important elements in key based security is to remember that in today’s market place many keys can now be duplicated by all manner of different businesses from locksmiths to heel bars.


This is because a vast number of systems no longer have patent protection. The lack of this protection allows key blank manufacturers to produce and sell key blanks for many of the common key systems that are in use today.


This means that anyone who has access to a key can get a copy made.

So if in your business you have staff leave or keys lost and you do not have a patent protected key system installed, your premises could be in danger from criminal activities.


The Sheffix Patent Systems we supply have full key and cylinder patent protection preventing against unauthorised key duplication. As a result of this protection duplicate keys can only be produced by a dedicated stockist subject to the correct ordering procedures being adhered to.


Make sure that your master key system is patent protected.

BEWARE, some Patents will run out very soon and suppliers still have to sell existing stocks. They say they are Patent Protected but don’t tell you it runs out within a year or so.




In some circumstances   Patent  Key  Copying  Protection is not justified or cost effective, this is when we offer the NG 6 PIN SYSTEM.

Even though there is no key  cutting  patent the blanks are not generally  held  by high street key cutters such as heel bars, but somewhere someone can, which is not such a massive problem. If it is then you need a Patent Protected System.

If you believe there is a risk that keys have been cut or not returned then simply change the cylinder and issue new keys, you can off course re-ruse the cylinder on another door.

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